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Van Italy - Motorhome Hire in Italy

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Terms and Conditions

The Daily Rental Rate includes the following:

  • Unlimited Kilometres for rentals in Italy & Sam Marino Republic (For other countries there is a surchage of Ä30 per day)
  • insurance, Theft, Fire, Vandal Acts, atmospherically events
  • Kasko, Legal protection
  • 20% V.A.T.
  • 1 full bottle of liquid gas
  • 1 empty tank to recuperate dark water and 1 full tank of clear water ready for use.

N.B. Fuel, flat or split tyres and wheel rims are not included.

Delivery / Return:
Offices are open:
Monday to Friday: 9:30am - 12:30pm / 3:30pm - 7:00pm
Saturday: 9:30am - 12:30pm
Sunday: CLOSED

If not agreed beforehand EUR 50 will be taken from the cautionary deposit for every hour late as part of hire contract. If there is not a pre-written agreement, the vehicles must be delivered within 10:30 am.

Please note: On Pick Up - there is a Ä40 cleaning fee (compulsory charge)
- Pick Up & Drop Off is available from Ciampino airport and Fiumicino airport in Rome - Ä50 each way.
- Pick Up & Drop Off is available from Rimini, Ä80 each way; Forlž, Ä50 each way and Bologna airport, Ä100 each way from Cesena depot.

Availability of pick up and drop off in other cities :
Florence: 100 euros
Venice: 150 euros
Bologna: 80 euros
Milan: 200 euros

Late Return:
For every day late in delivery (not authorized) 4 TIMES THE DAILY RATE will be taken from the cautionary deposit.

Payments and Bookings:
The booking will be confirmed when the anticipated amount of 30% of the total hire has been paid ; only with bank drafts or confirmed by fax. The cautionary deposit is EUR 1,000 for our vehicles paid ONLY by credit card.

N.B. We donít accept cheques.

Extra Charges: ( Accessories )

  • Chemical WC - EUR 10 per rental
  • Camping Chair - EUR 10 per rental
  • Power Converter - EUR 25 per rental
  • Bedding Kit - EUR 15 per rental
  • Kitchen Kit - EUR 25 per rental
  • Bike Rack - EUR 25 per rental
  • Solar Shower - EUR 5 per rental
  • Mobile Navigatio " Becker " - EUR 40 per rental

Cautionary Deposit:
The cautionary deposit will be returned to the client when the vehicle is returned to the company, washed and controlled inside.
The control will be done in the presence of the client. If there are no problems or general damage the client will be reimbursed with the full amount of the deposit. The total of damages found will be subtracted directly from the cautionary deposit or paid by the client in cash or by credit card.

N.B. If further damages are found even after the return of the cautionary deposit the client is still responsible.
The cautionary deposit is the absolute franchise for the guarantees in the policy, see insurance, kasco, theft, vandal acts, etc, etc.

One Way Rentals:
One ways are allowed between Rome and Cesena depots with a one way fee of EUR 250.

Travel Restrictions:
Itís not possible to travel to Poland and Ukraine.
The campervans can go out of Italy in these countries:
Portugal, France, Andorra, Great Britain, Begium, Luxemburg, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia San Marino.

Use of the Vehicle:
To hire a vehicle the client must be at least 20 years old and been driving for at least 1 years, and not be more than 70 years old. Itís essential condition to control the levels of the liquids in the motor every 1.000 Km.
Any violations of road laws in Italy or abroad is the responsibility of the client directly in comparison to the hiring company.

Vehicle Age:
Vehicles may be older then 10 years old but they are very well maintained.

Mechanical Problems:
If repairs are necessary during hiring (only in agreement with the company) the client will be responsible to pay for them, the receipt for repairs must be made out in the companyís name and the entire amount will be reimbursed when the vehicle is returned.
Eventual damage from burst tyres are excluded from refunds.

Cleaning Tax:
This tax is applied only when the hired vehicle is returned dirty (inside and out) see, external coachwork, bed, cupboards, fridge, gas rings, driverís cabin, various shelves, etc. and tank which recuperates dark water not emptied. In all of these events 50 Ä will be kept from the cautionary deposit as in the contract of hire.

The hired vehicle will be given to the client with a certain quantity of fuel, so when itís returned itís returned it must be at the same level of fuel. Ä20 FIXED CHARGE plus difference lost.
N.B. If the fuel is over the given level when the vehicle is returned there will be no refund.

Particular Conditions:
On all vehicles there is a no smoking ban and no animals onboard.

Fines and Penalties:
Every verbal notification from the public authorities must be reach VANITALY within 2 days, delivered by hand or post, if not the penalty for compensation of eventual damages will be the impossibility of defence.

Cancellation Fees:
Once we make a reservation on your behalf cancellation fees apply. We therefore suggest that you take out Travel Insurance at this time

Cancellation Fees
Over 30 days prior to pickup 20% of booking
30 - 15 days prior to pickup 70% of booking
14 - 0 days prior to pickup 100% of booking

Amendments: EUR 23  / EUR 46  once documents are issued


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